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Gluten Free Catering (and other special dietary meals)

Are you looking for a corporate caterer who offers a wide range of special dietary requirements? At Rockwall Catering, we have always provided special dietary requirement meals when asked for, and we have recently extended our selection of special dietary requirement meals even further.

Something we are frequently asked is: Do you offer gluten free catering in Sydney? The answer is yes, of course we do! In fact we offer a wide variety of gluten free meals. You can view a selection of what we offer here.

While gluten free catering is the most frequent special dietary meal we are asked to provide, we also offer: vegan, soy free, yeast free, fructose friendly, vegetarian, nut free, egg free, & dairy free catering. We also have a strict preparation policy in our kitchens, doing all we can to ensure each special dietary meal is prepared and packed according to the specific needs.

At Rockwall Catering, we are passionate about what we do. While we understand the need to provide special dietary meals, we also believe that all our catering is special. We take special care with all our catering, using fresh ingredients that are locally sourced whenever possible. We have an extensive menu to choose from, designed to cater for the widest range of corporate catering needs. Everything we do, we do with care. That doesn’t just include the freshness and quality of our ingredients, but also the presentation of every catering platter. We know that often our catering will end up in the middle of an important meeting, and so we aim to wow you not only on taste, but also on the presentation.

If you are looking for gluten free catering in Sydney, or any other kind of special dietary catering—or if you are just looking for a great, versatile corporate caterer that can handle all of your catering needs, then give us a call. We’d love to hear from you. You can connect with us via phone on: 1300 856 569 or email: of you can use our contact form on our contact page.