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What a year so far!

As a team we have been reflecting lately on just how awesome a year 2011 has been. We’ve grown our team, received some incredibly positive feedback from our customers and expanded the business too.

It’s exciting being part of a team that really cares about what they are doing and also about one another. We work hard, but we also enjoy the time together, including a drink at the end of the work week.

As this year is drawing to a close we are already brainstorming together on ideas and initiatives that will make Rockwall Catering grow even more, and be an even better service to our current and new clients.

The year isn’t over yet. There’s still lots to do, but already we’re excited to see what a success it has been. As a team, we’re really proud of our efforts. Looking forward to the Christmas season and onwards and upwards into 2012!