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Working in Catering Sydney

Office Catering SydneySomething I’ve always loved about working in Sydney is the amount of times I get to enjoy caterings after and during office meetings. It’s a great things, isn’t it? Anyone who works in an office in Sydney, or any other large city, can probably understand what I’m talking about.

Personally, I think we have way to many meetings anyway, so perhaps catering is more of a motivational aspect when it comes to including it in the budget. I’ve been fortunate enough to work companies that always catered for office meetings, even when we didn’t have external clients joining us, which, when I think about it, was probably the majority of the time. I must say, however, that when we did have external clients in the meeting there did seem to be a better selection of food and desserts in the mix. Maybe I’m just imagining it; it’s hard to tell really.

Now I am especially blessed, as I actually work for a catering company! Not just any company, but the very best! OK, I know I’m biased, but I really do think it’s the case. Rockwall Corporate Catering is an awesome company. We have a really great company culture and a generous boss who motivates us all to go the second mile when it comes to excellence and service.

In short, I think eating catering is great, but providing it is even greater 🙂