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As an environmentally aware organisation, we are constantly conscious of minimizing our carbon footprint. One major way of achieving this is through specifically seeking to buy our produce local. Not only does this ensure the very freshest ingredients possible, but it eliminates the carbon emissions that are often overlooked by long distance produce delivery. All our meats are purchased daily from the local markets, and our vegetables are continually sourced from local and regional farms.

We also seek to partner with businesses that are running and growing their businesses in a sustainable, environmentally friendly and ethical manner. We love what we do and we are understand that in order to be the very best in our industry we also need to lead by example in our attitude, openness and actions regarding fair trade, environmental awareness and a shared earth mentality. Our management is committed to instilling these values in all our employees.

Like all of us, we want to be part of the solution in making our world a safer, cleaner and sustainable place to live and enjoy. We are committed to regularly reviewing our own operations, taking personal responsibility for our part and seeking to be a leader in the necessary and commendable focus of operating an environmentally sustainable business.

Rockwall Catering is also proud to be officially certified with Green Table Australia

“Proudly managed by Restaurant & Catering Australia (R&CA), Green Table Australia is an education and certification program that supports and recognises Australian restaurants, cafes and catering businesses that are doing what they can to reduce their impact on the environment.”