Our Promise

We Are Determined To Create A Memorable Catering Experience for You

Our company motto is…
‘Nothing is too much trouble at Rockwall Catering,’


We’ve set the bar high when it comes to our standard of quality. We are committed to using quality ingredients, creating a quality presentation for all our orders and offering quality customer service to all our clients. We work hard every day to ensure we maintain our reputation as the premium catering choice for Sydney businesses. We’re focused on an overall quality approach to our work every day. We won’t disappoint you.


Our current clients trust us because we’ve worked hard every day to earn our reputation. We understand there are many demands in business life, and our clients depend on us to be a professional and dependable catering company. We have created an in-house way of operating that ensures we won’t let you down. We’re organised. We are ready to help with all your last minute orders. We’ve earned the trust of our current clients, and we’re confident we will also earn the trust of your company. We’re professionals. We won’t let you down.


We believe the only way for our staff to work at a consistently high level is for our workplace to be an enjoyable place for them to be. We believe that offering our clients the very best service possible starts with hiring the very best staff available and creating a fun, rewarding and enjoyable workplace for them to excel in. The reason you see a smile on our employees’ faces is no accident. We’re building a world-class team at Rockwall Catering and we’re having a lot of fun doing it too.